About Us

About DJ Brown

DJ and her family moved to Crested Butte, CO in August 2013 to enjoy the community, lifestyle, and beauty that Crested Butte, CO has to offer. Prior to living in Crested Butte, she had been perfecting her craft in Tulsa, OK by learning from world renowned bakers and sugar artists. Upon arrival in Crested Butte, she quickly encountered the challenges of baking at high altitude and began the process of reworking her recipes. Now that her recipes are ready for Crested Butte's climate, they are ready for your parties and special events!

Colorado Cottage Foods Act

Taste of Cake is operating under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act. This means we are limited to the types and quanitities of goods we sell. Taste of Cake is not a full time business, therefore we request that all orders be placed at a minimum of 72 hours before the event. However, we turn away many orders due to time and volume constraints therefore we recommend contacting us well in advance of your event to ensure that we are able to handle your order.